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Newspack, a project of WordPress.com and the Google News Initiative, is an advanced open-source publishing and revenue-generating platform for news organizations.


For many years, the Oklahoma Watch website had a traditional design but it couldn’t be changed easily to fit new designs. With the deployment of Newspack, the editor has far more options to create a dynamic layout


Newspack announces second set of pilot newsrooms; first U.S. site relaunches on new platform

Newspack has chosen a group of 34 news organizations to guide the next phase of development of a new WordPress-based platform for small and medium-sized publishers. They will join the existing pilot newsrooms, including Oklahoma Watch, which just relaunched on the new platform. All sites are expected to relaunch on the Newspack platform by the end of February.

More sites due to come online in coming weeks

The Chilean news website El Soberano relaunched today with the Newspack plugin, becoming the first live site to use the new platform designed for small and medium-sized publishers.

“Working with the Newspack development team has been a journey of discovery,” said Ana Arriagada, the co-founder and executive director of El Soberano, based in Santiago.

First publisher relaunches using Newspack

The previous homepage:

Next round of Newspack pilot newsrooms to be announced by month’s end

The Newspack team will name in the next two weeks the second cohort of pilot newsrooms that will further guide development of the emerging platform for small and medium-sized publishers. About 500 applicants are being considered for the approximately 50 spots in the next group. These 50 will show that the work we’ve done with […]

See the revenue-generation features of Newspack in action

The Newspack team has hit another development milestone on time with the completion of the tools needed to set up donations/subscriptions and advertising. The charter newsrooms that are guiding the development of Newspack are still on course to launch by mid-October. The demonstration videos below, which are not narrated, show the initial setup of each. […]

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About Newspack

Newspack is a new platform on WordPress.com, aimed at small- and medium-sized news organizations.