The Newspack Themes allow you to toggle different options for the site’s header, to change its appearance and the number of menus that will appear. The header will also display a search icon that will toggle a search box open and closed.

These options are available under Customize → Header Settings, and can be combined to create a unique header appearance.

By default, your Site Logo will be aligned left. When the Center Logo option is selected, the logo will, as expected, be centered. Some other elements will move around in the header, too, to keep it balanced.

When this is the only option selected, the search and Tertiary menu will appear to the right of your logo, and the social links menu will appear to the left:

When paired with the Short Header option, the Primary Menu will appear on the left, and Tertiary Menu and search will appear on the right:

Solid Background

The Solid Background option for the header can behave a bit differently, depending on the Child Theme you’ve selected.

For the Newspack Theme, Newspack Scott and Newspack Nelson, the primary color will be used by default. with a dark gray bottom bar for the primary menu:

For Newspack Katharine and Newspack Sacha, a dark gray will be used:

And for Newspack Joseph, black will be used:

You can also change the header color by navigating to the Colors panel once the Solid Background option is checked, and selecting ‘Custom’ under the ‘Header Background Color’ settings. Learn more about changing the header color in the Custom Colors section.

Short Header

The Short Header option creates a simpler, shorter header. It’s best suited to sites with limited navigation, as it greatly reduces the space available for links in the Primary Menu without it wrapping to two lines, and hide the Secondary menu all together.

The Social Links Menu will also not display when the Short Header option is selected, but it will still display in the footer.